2017 Projects

Rebirth Fountain 2

“Rebirth” Fountain operating shortly after its installation in 1994 and before the life-sized figure sculptures were added.

Harrisburg Parks Foundation working with the private sector and City to Reactivate Reservoir Park Fountain

The Harrisburg Parks Foundation is currently working with a committee, representing businesses people in the greater Harrisburg area, who have made financial contributions to fund work needed to reactivate the “Rebirth” fountain in Reservoir Park. The fountain has been long-dormant and its restoration will not only again become a significant focal point in the Park but will also become an example to call for additional contributions from the private sector and others to fund futures improvements envisioned by the recently completed Reservoir Park Master Plan.

In order to try to economize on expenditures for the project, the Foundation has been able to enlist volunteer efforts from both the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Local 520 and the Electrician Union IBWE Local to inspect the manhole pit next to the fountain to diagnose what equipment and repairs would be needed.  The Plumbers and Pipefitters installed at their expense new gaskets and fittings where necessary while the Electrician Union, also at their expense, diagnosed what additional equipment would be needed and whether the electrical components were OK.

It was concluded that several pumps needed to be replaced which is being accomplished by the H.L. Heim Company through both the contributions of the committee and funding from the City of Harrisburg. Much appreciation is also extended to Mayor Papenfuse and to the Harrisburg Department of Public Works which is working with the Foundation in overseeing the project.  Testing of the Fountain should occur in the fall of 2017 with full operation in place by the spring of 2018.